BOOKS December 2021

AFTERNOONS with a Good Book are always so RELAXING!

These BOOKS are a few of my
all time favourites!

by Louisa May Alcott

In a small town in Massachusetts live four lovely sisters: Jo, Amy, Beth, and Meg. They live with their mother and housekeeper as their father is fighting the Civil War, a cause of great anxiety and concern for the March family that is waiting for him at home. Even though war is the background of the entire novel, the story is full of small habits, hobbies, and joyful moments experienced by the four sisters that accompany the reader in wonderful imaginary adventures. The fireplace, the paintings, the home environment, and the snow are elements that recur to bring a great sense of coziness and romance to the reader. 

by Maxence Fermine

It is April 1884 and Yuko Akita has turned seventeen. The time has come to choose his vocation, warrior or monk, but against the wishes of his father, Yuko chooses a third option: he will be a poet. Yuko begins to write haiku, seventeen-syllable poems, all celebrating the beauty of snow, his one great subject. One day, the Imperial Poet arrives from the Emperor’s court. He has heard about Yuko’s poems and has come to meet him. While agreeing the poems are very fascinating, the Imperial Poet notes that they lack color. If the young poet wants to learn color, he must study with the great artist Soseki in the south of Japan.
Yuko sets off on a great journey across the whole of Japan to find Soseki and while he is travelling, he encounters a vision that will forever change his life. With stunning visual images created out of minimalist prose, Snow is as delicate and inspiring as haiku poetry itself.

by Agatha Christie

After solving a mysterious theft in Jerusalem, the famed detective, Hercule Poirot is in need of a small vacation. Instead, the detective will soon find himself aboard the luxurious Orient Express train on a trip to Calais, sharing a carriage with an eclectic assortment of first-class travelers and an invisible murderer who walks unnoticed among them. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning it is one passenger fewer. When a sudden massive avalanche blocks the tracks, trapping the passengers in the locomotive, the gruesome murder of a commuter in his cabin will force Poirot to solve a conundrum where everyone is a suspect. Who is the killer? A great classic by Agatha Christie, perfect for snowy days and cold weather.

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