Casadei Family

A Family, a Lifestyle.

FAMIGLIA CASADEI is above all the story of a family that strongly chose a healthy entrepreneurship approach, following a patented BIOINTEGRALE decalogue of important values based on respect for nature, their own land and traditions. Stefano and Anna Casadei work passionately and far-sighted with the aim of reaping the fruits of the earth without altering its natural cycle; they also invest in advanced solutions that protect the environment, projecting themselves into a future that will always be increasingly more sustainable.

Talking about the love for his land, Stefano Casadei says: “If I had to define my key words, I would speak of land, roots, care and respect, passion, hands and heart, work, enhancement of the environment and territory, of biodynamics”.

The three estates of FAMIGLIA CASADEI, Castello del Trebbio in the Florentine Chianti, Tenuta Casadei in Suvereto close to the Etruscan coast, and Olianas in Sardinia, are mindfully managed considering the differences of each land without forcing, and the wines that come from them proudly carry not only FAMIGLIA CASADEI BIOINTEGRALE approach to production, but also the distinctive features of their territory.

In the near future, I will be back to talk about the other two estates, but today I would like to focus on the Castello del Trebbio and how FAMIGLIA CASADEI has been operating in the wine sector for more than 50 years!


The Castello del Trebbio, built before the 12th century, dominates an estate of 350 hectares, 60 of which are vineyards, on the green and luxuriant hills of Chianti Rufina. A majestic and extraordinary castle, protagonist of the great Florentine history. When owned by the Pazzi family, right inside its rooms, the noble Florentine family organized the renowned Congiura de’ Pazzi with the aim of murdering Giuliano and Lorenzo de ‘Medici. Nonetheless, the conspiracy failed, the murderers and their accomplices captured and executed, and the castle was confiscated.   


In the seventies, Anna’s father bought the castle and the surrounding land, and since then the family has restored and expanded it with passion and dedication over the decades. Today, at Castello del Trebbio, Anna and Stefano, together with their children, carry on their all-round sustainability and BIOINTEGRALE decalogue, not only for their wine production, but also


for the castle itself and the many initiatives and projects that take place at the Estate: the products brought to the table come from the vegetable garden, the wood burning in the fireplaces comes from the surrounding woods, electricity is almost entirely produced from renewable sources and the list continues, touching every aspect of their activities: from hospitality, to catering, to the Food line besides wine,  for example EVO oil, saffron, spelt and more. I personally believe that with FAMIGLIA CASADEI we are talking about a cultural as well as a productive process that is carried on with pride, certainly more tiring but ethically correct, rare and admirable.


The Wines

The Castello del Trebbio winery produces several wines, including: Congiura, Chianti Superiore, Lastricato, Pazzesco, De’ Pazzi, Metodo Classico and Vin Santo.

According to the company’s philosophy, past times and innovation blend together in their wines, paying homage to the winemaking tradition of the Chianti area. Although wine production is well diversified, the approach and method remain unchanged.

In particular, the great tradition linked to the territory of the Chianti area is represented by the CHIANTI SUPERIORE DOCG, based on Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Ciliegiolo grapes, and by CHIANTI RUFINA RISERVA DOCG LASTRICATO, a reserve based only on a vinified in amphora and aged in cask Sangiovese grapes.

Next to these great wines, you will find others, that pay homage to their place of origin, resulting from a passionate search for the perfect blend: PAZZESCO from the balance between Merlot and Syrah grapes, while CONGIURA from a blend of Riesling and Pinot Grigio grapes.