Alta Maremma – Suvereto


Traveling through Tuscany is fascinating: the region houses so many unique and distinctive areas that one can hardly get bored! Alta Maremma, with its gentle hills and ancient villages, is one of my favorites. Here, the countryside reveals the traits typical of the Mediterranean cultural identity, and the natural environment is graced by cypress trees, wild herbs, olive groves, and vineyards that overlook the crystal blue sea.

Alta Maremma’s inhabitants have been growing vines for centuries. First the Etruscans, the mysterious population that gave its name to the spectacular “Costa degli Etruschi”, and then the Romans farmed the local vineyards. Later, these were taken in hand by the area’s contadini, the farmers, and vintners. 

Needless to say, this is an ideal travel destination for those who love good wine. But there’s much more! One could write a book about all the art and history one can find in churches, medieval towns, and archeological ruins.
The sea and beaches, natural hot springs, and breathtaking walking, hiking, and cycling routes provide the opportunity to enjoy activities and sports in close contact with unspoiled nature. And the gourmet scene is just as alluring.
Alta Maremma yields lush traditional specialties, including heirloom grains, honey, vegetables, aromatic herbs, olive oil, cheese, and more, prepared according to tradition and thanks to skills passed down from generation to generation.
The bottom line?
Alta Maremma is definitely worth a visit! 

You will not want to miss:

Suvereto is a small, stunning medieval town in the province of Livorno. Overlooking the Val di Cornia and the Etruscan Coast, it is named for the cork trees that grow in the surroundings.


Still enclosed by its original medieval walls, the town maintains a magical ancient atmosphere. I was astonished, and enchanted, by its rich history, and splendidly preserved landmarks dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries when Suvereto was a fief of the noble Aldobrandeschi family. 

Walk up to the medieval Rocca Aldobrandesca to enjoy a lovely view of the village and its surroundings, and then enter the town through the medieval walls. Make sure you don’t miss the Romanesque Church of San Giusto, Church of the Madonna di Sopra la Porta, the town hall, and the Museum of Sacred Art. The 13th-century Convent of San Francesco is also worth a visit.


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