It was back in 1939 that the Bagnara family started producing accessories for the home, a three-generation passionate story that brought Giorgio Bagnara to his calling at a very early age. In the late Nineties, after noticing that leather from the fashion industry was not considered enough as material for home

accessories, Giorgio founded GIOBAGNARA with the goal of applying it to a complete home accessories collection. A wide collection composed by exquisitely hand-crafted leather items, designed to be

resistant to use and at the same time decor a home with extraordinary high-end design flair. Only the finest leathers are used, in a multitude of colours and textures.

A true custom-made process allows every piece to become unique due to the infinite combinations available, down to the smallest detail of a stitching thread color!

Not only traditions but also modernity is carried on to improve the quality and functionality of products: Giorgio Bagnara constantly pushes technical limits in his quest for objects to be both beautiful and relevant.

His expertise has become precious to a large number of interior decorators, yacht and jet designers who refer to his know-how for special commissions and custom solutions. 

GIOBAGNARA’s design studios and workshops are located in a stunning location: the old docks of the Port of Genoa, in the Liguria region. All these exquisite pieces leave from Genoa: surely today it’s one of the most comprehensive Italian luxury collections of leather home accessories on the market travelling world-wide!