Vito Nesta

I first met Vito Nesta last summer for his exhibition “Diary of a Designer” in Genova, a collection he created during the very first lockdown. In this article I wish to tell the story of an Italian mind overlooking the world!
Vito was born in Puglia, region in the South of Italy, in 1987.
He attended the Interior design college in Florence and after his graduation, he moved to Milan, where he still lives and works.  

Designer, art director, photographer, artist, interior decorator and artisan, his  art creations range from graphics to home furniture and interior decorating. The inspiration for his works come mostly from his frequent travels around the world, which lead him to discover foreign places, cultures, and people that fueled his creativity.  

Despite his long trips abroad, Vito Nesta never ceases to remember how important his Italian origins are, especially when working on archival projects. For Vito it is fundamental to consider the story behind each creation and rethink it with a contemporary eye. Therefore, when I asked him how a project comes to life, he simply replied that there is not a predetermined scheme, but rather a sensitivity towards everyday life and details of our existence and our history.

His breakthrough moment happened in 2018 in Paris, when he presented at  the world-renowned fair Maison & Objet his latest collection, Grand Tour. The collection celebrates the story of a long journey, at times real and at times imagined, inspired by the long trips that young boys and girls during the 18th century embarked on to see with their own eyes the foreign beauties and different culture that the world had to offer.

For Vito Nesta, travelling should be a fundamental aspect of everyone’s life. The mating season of animals inhabiting the jungle, or fish swimming in the Japanese archipelago of the Amami Islands are just a few of the scenarios that come to life while looking at Vito Nesta’s work. A constant search for shapes, colors and visions, found elsewhere or in everyday life. The result of his  incessant research is the emergence to visualize a world made of imaginary symbols and stories, often hybrids between different cultures and time.

I choose to show just a part of his wide range creations, related to dinnerware and home décor, all with a strong identity and personality, that evoke the most fascinating and lively aspect of our wide world.