The Golden Table

Ready to set

 DEEP YELLOWS and GOLD colors inspire me GOOD MOODS and I think they create a bright and welcoming atmosphere around a table. It is no coincidence that WARM LIGHT, especially of the Sun, makes me feel HAPPY AND LIVELY!

Talking about light reflections, lets start with glasses! A luxurious touch enriches these magnificent hand made Murano glasses part of the A81 Murano glass collection by Nason Moretti. The simplicity of the clear featherlight glass features an  elegant twisted gold leaf bud at the top of the stem.

Among Marie Daage’s infinite color palette I found many shades of yellows, from pale ones to deep and intense ones, perfect to combine together with different patterns.

The result is unique, and working together with customers to custom make a dinnerware set with this wonderful Parisian luxury brand is pure fun.

  I am showing some patterns on the website but don’t hesitate to contact us for help!

Flower arrangement on a dinner table make everything look fantastic, it is  not a finishing touch but a leading role in a table decor.
Matching the golden color with a vase like the BOLLE small cup by PAOLO CASTELLI  adds prestige and even more vibes! Also a  work of art from the skilled hands of Murano artisans.

Finally lets add Avenue flatware by Robbe & Berking, a timeless and very chic  choice for a table setting. The handles are adorned with handcrafted ribs that are reminiscent of the sculptured structure of ancient columns. The design on the handles creates an attractive interplay of light and shadow. Email us to have more information on what’s not displayed in our shop.