BOOKS June 2022

Why do we ENJOY

Suspense must be present in thriller novels, without it the reader would not feel tension and excitement created by unpredictable and mysterious events while reading. Suspense builds up in a novel, keeping us hooked, until the final ending. After having been captured for the whole book, the final event or conclusion remains in my mind for quite a while! 

So thriller novel authors have the objective to create tension, anxiety, hope, surprise, curiosity and to keep the reader in a state of anticipation of what will happen. As film director Alfred Hitchcock once said: “An audience experiences suspense when they expect something bad to happen and have (or believe they have) a superior perspective on events in the drama’s hierarchy of knowledge, yet they are powerless to intervene to prevent it from happening”…

FIND a good reading spot and ENJOY three Wonderful Thriller Novels
this season and… Hold your BREATH!

by Georges Simenon

Is it really summertime without a Simenon on your nightstand? We don’t think so. The blue room is a novella of 160 pages about a couple having an extra marital affair with each other. The inevitable complications follow in this brief but powerful novel about scandal, rumors and costumes of another time. In our opinion one of Simenon’s finest achievements! 

by Stephen King

Unpopular teenager Carrie White is no ordinary girl and when a traumatic event unnerves her, she begins to harness the power inside her mind: telekinesis. The story is great, it draws you in and holds you there throughout. A great masterpiece, a fine horror novel that will leave you breathless!


by Joel Dicker

This book is a real page turner. For book lovers The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair is an ideal read as it is a book about a book about a book. Fantastic murder mystery written in a beautiful book about a writer struggling to write after publishing a bestseller. This is a story that will keep you hooked and leave you guessing until the shocking reveal… Perfect to pack for a vacation!

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