Paolo Castelli – The Object d’Auteur Collection

The Object d’Auteur

 In my previous article I wrote about this outstanding luxury brand I love, an all Italian excellence, based near Bologna. 
Born from hard work, talent and passion passed on through family generations, Paolo Castelli has become a point of reference worldwide for the highest manufacturing of home furniture, lighting  and decorative objects.
Since the late 19th century up to nowadays, Paolo Castelli has been evolving and innovating with creativity and curiosity, researching and drawing inspiration from art, history and design, giving birth to unique and innovative pieces keeping its know how and craftsmanship unaltered. Truly craftwork turned into art inspired pieces.

This time I wish to write about the collection OBJECT D’AUTEUR, a tribute to the artist Giorgio Morandi, one of the most important figures of Italian painting of the 19th century and one of our best-known and admired artists in the world. The project started with a creative partnership between the designer Paolo Castelli, and Istituzione Bologna Musei, which began in 2009, during the refurbishment of  Giorgio Morandi’s home and studio in Via Fondazza 36 in Bologna, where Morandi lived with his mother and sisters from 1910 to 1964.  

Paolo Castelli was inspired  in particular by the objects and small pieces of furniture in the studio of Casa Morandi, as well as his art work. The result is a rather unusual and poetic series of small furniture and decorative object with a strong and sophisticated identity, permeated with art history and tied to the company’s birth place, Bologna.

Every piece of the collection evokes Giorgio Morandi’s artistic talent, for shapes and color palettes, in an understated extraordinary beauty and simplicity. The excellence of every strictly hand made piece starts with the choice of materials: eco-sustainable and unselected ash, natural brass, Murano glass, Vietri ceramics, horsehair and regenerated leather just to name but a few. Morandi’s bottles, bowls, bed, stool and other objects he was surrounded with while he worked and lived, come back to life in a surprising collection that speaks of art through design.

The collection OBJETS D’AUTEUR, A TRIBUTE TO MORANDI harmoniously complements the sophisticated Paolo Castelli’s collections already available in the catalogue: Inspiration and Greenkiss.