Marie Daâge

Imagine walking into a gorgeous Parisian Atelier in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods, next to the Gardens of Luxembourg, and getting captured by a multitude of colours and shapes of the finest  hand-painted porcelain dinnerware. For a “table setting” freak like me it was the most exciting experience, better than shopping in a haute-couture clothing store!

MARIE DAÂGE’s Atelier, managed by Marie and her daughter Axelle, has on display more than Eighty different collections in more than  sixty-two colours that can be mixed and matched creating an unique custom table setting! Pure fun and enjoyment and what a luxury! 

 MARIE DAÂGE is the owner and creative soul that gives life to these unique hand-painted collections, some subtle, others sumptuous but all with her recognisable signature: a melding of stripes, florals and figurative scenes that combine in the most chic way, as the French do best!  

 Her aim is to create infinite possibilities: just changing a plate or a cup can give a new look to a table setting and a different atmosphere  to a meal.

As Marie says – a table is like your friend – Dress it tastefully as you would yourself – and create an environment that invites you to dine!

Her ideas come to life through beautifully hand-made patterns, never boring and with  a timeless look. One of the main reasons behind this is Marie’s feel and instinct for colours, an inborn artistic talent, that allows collections to evolve and expand every year with the introduction of at least a new color. Tones can be exuberant or soft but they all have a natural look that marries happily with any food.

At last Marie thinks that the image and style of French goods goes hand in hand with where they are made. She pursues protecting the unique qualities inherent to the region or country they come from.


She believes in preserving family businesses and traditional craftsmanship and supports Development Durable – a French initiative for sustainable production of goods made by families who learned their trades and traditions over generations.


In recognition for her efforts to preserve a national heritage, she was awarded the Legion of Honor in 2012. I agree with Marie, this is what we all should sustain and always search for!


If in Paris you must take a look:
12 rue de Tournon – Paris 6 – France
+33 (0) 1 44 90 01 36