Soleil d’Hermès

Creativity, design and inspiration behind Soleil,
the new La Table Hermès Collection.

Hermès for me is always an inexhaustible source of inspiration when I want to create a wonderful table, not only for the quality of the finest porcelain and impeccable craftsmanship, but also for the strong identity and uniqueness of the decorations that evoke atmospheres and tell stories.

This magic has been handed down for six generations, a long history characterized by a   common thread: preserving the value of craftsmanship without losing touch with the changing times and the new needs that arise.
The result is that, every time a new collection comes out, I am still surprised by the free and innovative creativity of the Maison which finds its place in the contemporary world without ever losing its timeless value.

The magic is repeated with Soleil d’Hermès, the new table collection designed by the renowned illustrator and designer Arielle de Brichambaut, with the collaboration of Benoit Pierre Emery, creative director of La Table Hermès. Arielle de Brichambaut, who previously created two of my favorite collections, Balcon du Guadalquivir and Bleus d’Ailleurs, has now imagined and created a sophisticated table that radiates the light and warmth of the Sun.

Stylized decorations, outlined by a fine black stroke like light shadows, come to life in an intense luminous yellow on a white background, lighting the table with a warm and enveloping atmosphere like on summer days where the sun pervades the sky with its glorious power.
A tribute to the Mother Star around which we orbit, which marks our days and life on earth, coloring everything around us with infinite shades.

And so, surrounded by friends around Soleil, I foretaste the warmth of conviviality, the feeling of vitality given by light and beauty: a tribute to the sun and to the life it gives us.