Hervé Van Der Straeten

Let’s talk about Art and Design:


I have always loved the work of outstanding French designer Hervé Van Der Straeten and introducing him to you is a privilege for me. I discovered through my work that each piece of furniture, lamp and object he designs has the value of a work of art in an interior decoration project and gives the space in which it is placed a statement of innovative elegance and unique beauty.

Hervé Van Der Straeten is truly independent: his work combines a radical freedom of expression with meticulous execution, not comparable with any other for its originality.

All his creations are hand-made by the best craftsmen and women of the Paris area: a team of bronze workers, cabinet-makers, lacquer painters and varnishers fashion the raw materials into pieces of art.

Some items require a dozen skills: applying a patina, de-burring, assembling, lacquer painting, marquetry and parchment cladding are just a few of the processes a piece of furniture may undergo between the initial sketch and the finished product. 

The radical design, the “designer-craftsman”  traditional manufacturing process and the limited series all contribute to the rarity of each one of his pieces. It is no wonder that his designs are highly demanded by major collectors, international interior designers and institutions.

Hervé Van Der Straeten also designed for high-end luxury brands, and his items became icons such as Dior’s “J’adore” perfume bottle, Guerlain’s “KissKiss” lipstick and the “Excess” range for Saint- Louis glass manufacturers. 

His work is featured  in exhibitions abroad, in galleries such as Karsten Greve and Ralph Pucci, as well as at the biggest art fairs around the world such as  TEFAF and PAD. The Mobilier National, official suppliers of furniture and decorative objects to the French state since the time of Louis XIV, as well as the Musée des Arts Décoratifs have both purchased pieces which are representative of his work.  

Also his workshops have earned a number of awards and in 2007 were named a “Living Heritage Business” by France’s Ministry of Culture while the company became a member of the Comité Colbert, an association set up to promote the concept of luxury in September 2012. In 2008, Hervé Van der Straeten was named Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

If in Paris you must take time to visit The Van Der Straeten Gallery. Opened in 1999 in the Marais neighbourhood, you will be able to admire one of a kind or limited edition pieces grouped in thematic exhibitions.

11, rue Ferdinand Duval 75004 Paris, France