Populonia and Baratti

 The Ancient Etruscan
Town of 

The village of POPULONIA is an ancient Etruscan town originally called Fufluna, from the name of the God of wine, the only great Etruscan city founded on the sea, with its port in the Gulf of Baratti. 

The village was built on what was once the ancient acropolis, around 300 A.D. Populonia reached its splendour in the 7th and 6th centuries B.C, and remains of its ancient Etruscan and roman history are still visible today.

As you arrive to the door of the village, follow the main cobbled road full of small stores and visit the Rocca castle and the private museum of Etruscan and Roman artifacts.

After that you cannot miss…

From POPULONIA head to the Archaeological Park of BARATTI and POPULONIA

A road with a wonderful view, overlooking the crystal clear mediterranean sea, connects Populonia to the Gulf of Baratti, where you must stop at the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, an amazing open-air museum of architecture of the tumuli, funerary trappings and archaeological finds from the area and ancient ships wrecked found in the Gulf of Baratti.


Necropolis of San Cerbone: the visit allows you to admire the oldest monumental Etruscan tombs of Populonia (7th-5th century BC), including the great Tomba dei Chari.

Necropolis of the Caves: the visit leads to the Etruscan caves and chamber tombs (4th century BC) carved into the rock.


Acropolis of Populonia: the heart of the ancient city of Populonia with houses, temples, spas and cobbled streets. In this area you can also observe the traces of the founding of the city.

Monastery of San Quirico: the Middle Ages of Populonia are revealed through the remains of the Benedictine monastery of San Quirico, hidden in the woods.

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